PIPELINE 2016 Speakers

The proposal review process for PIPELINE 2016 has been completed, and our speakers have been selected!

In no particular order, they are:

  • Helen Hosein – “Fixed Price With Agile & Continuous Delivery”
  • Dave Hounslow – “You Are What You Eat – How Branching Affects Team Culture”
  • Ian Watson & Chris Covell – “Steps Closer To Awesome”
  • Joe McKevitt – “Changing A Culture To A Culture Of Change”
  • Gary Frost – “Financial Institutions Carry Too Much Risk, It’s Time To Embrace Continuous Delivery”
  • Gustavo Elias – “How To Deal With A Hot Potato”
  • Wouter Lagerweij – “Testing In A Continuous Delivery World”
  • Dave Nolan – “#NoStaging”
  • Pete Marshall – “Achieving Continuous Delivery In A Legacy Environment”
  • Sally Goble – “So What Do You Do If You Don’t Do Testing?!”
  • Steve Elliott – “Measure Everything, Not Just Production”
  • Lyndsay Prewer – “Smoothing Continuous Delivery Paths – Tales From Two Cultures”

Congratulations to all of our selected speakers!

This year, we had a total of 86 proposals. While some were deemed too general for a Continuous Delivery conference the vast majority were of a high standard and very pertinent to Continuous Delivery, so speaker selection this year was even more challenging than last year.

In terms of gender balance, 9/86 (10%) submitted proposals and 3/12 (25%) blindly selected proposals were from women, although unfortunately one speaker has had to decline due to a scheduling conflict.

Over the coming days the PIPELINE 2016 schedule and speakers page will be announced, and all unsuccessful submitters will receive feedback. Please bear with us.

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