Elisabeth Hendrickson – Care and Feeding of Feedback Cycles

Our first keynote at PIPELINE 2018 will be from Elisabeth Hendrickson, and it will focus on the importance of feedback cycles.

From our speakers page:

Care and Feeding of Feedback Cycles

“Nothing interrupts the continuous flow of value like bad surprises that require immediate attention: major defects; service outages; support escalations; or even scrapping just-completed capabilities that don’t actually meet business needs. You already know that the sooner you can discover a problem, the sooner and more smoothly you can remedy it. Agile practices involve testing early and often. However feedback cycles come in many forms. It’s not just about automated tests and CI. It’s also reading the mood in the room when pitching an idea or instrumenting the product to do cohort analysis in production. This talk examines the many forms of feedback, the questions each can answer, and the risks each can mitigate. We’ll look at what makes feedback lose value as well as fundamental principles that you can apply immediately to keep your feedback cycles healthy and happy.”

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