Farewell from PIPELINE and hello Learning Zone!

Summary: after five amazing conferences, we have decided to stop running PIPELINE; the 2018 conference was the final one. However, we have a new Learning Zone with categorised videos from talks on Continuous Delivery from speakers around the world: learn.pipelineconf.info – enjoy!


PIPELINE Conference was the first conference in Europe dedicated to Continuous Delivery and we’re proud of what we’ve built and achieved over the past 5 years. It is now time for the organising team to focus on other things (including home life!) and so we have decided to stop running PIPELINE. The March 2018 event was the final PIPELINE Conference.

We’ve hosted nearly 1000 different people from around the world and reached many thousands more through our freely-available videos. We have helped to nurture and encourage many first-time and less experienced speakers, many of whom have now gone on to speak at bigger conferences around the world. We have helped (in a small way) to improve the representation of women and other people historically less visible in the tech sector. We have shown how a combination of humanity and technology can improve things in every industry context, not just an obsession with “code” or tools.

Linda Rising 2018 Attendees Attendees 2017 Dave Farley

Donations to Stemettes and Code Your Future

Because PIPELINE Conference is not-for-profit, we are donating the remaining money to two organisations: Stemettes and Code Your Future.

Learning Zone for Continuous Delivery

We have collected together all the videos from five years of PIPELINE Conference and categorised and tagged them to produce a curated Learning Zone for Continuous Deliverylearn.pipelineconf.info

PIPELINE Conference Learning Zone LondonCD Learning Zone

In addition to the PIPELINE Conference Learning Zone, there is a Learning Zone for the London Continuous Delivery meetup group (learn.londoncd.org.uk) with another 50+ videos on Continuous Delivery. Together, these two Learning Zones provide over 100 talks, making them possibly the best place on the planet to learn about Continuous Delivery from real practitioners!

Thanks to everyone!

We’d like to say a huge “thank you” to everyone involved in PIPELINE Conference over the past 5 years for making it such an amazing thing: attendees, speakers, sponsors, suppliers, venue staff, volunteers, and the organising team. We couldn’t have done it without you!

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