To avoid potential bias and encourage diversity in our speaker selection we have an anonymous proposal review process that ensures a proposal is assessed solely on its merits.

Our proposal review process is as follows:

  1. Submission
    • An organiser receives all proposals and acts as point of contact for submitters
    • Speaker details are anonymised and the proposals are made available to reviewers
  2. Review
    • Each reviewer scores all proposals from 0-10 (0 bad, 10 good) according to
      • its summary
      • its description
      • its relevance to the Continuous Delivery community
  3. Selection
    • The reviewers discuss the proposals together and select the highest scoring talks offering topic diversity
    • If after selection the same speaker has been unintentionally selected twice, one talk is selected then the next ranked talk from a different speaker
  4. Feedback
    • Every successful submitter is individually contacted thanking them for their submission and offering them a place in the conference schedule
    • Every unsuccessful submitter is individually contacted, thanking them for their submission and offering proposal feedback where relevant
  5. Announcement
    • The PIPELINE committee announces the selected speakers and their talks on the conference website

We would welcome any feedback on our submission process, particularly with regards to speaker feedback and how to increase the number of women and other minority speakers involved in the Call For Proposals. Please get in touch!